The designer: Rowan Shaw

Black and White image of Rowan Shaw Jewellery Designer

Even as a kid I was a little rebellious and perhaps a little unusual - possibly because of my name. Rowan - Its a boys name isn't it? WeIl actually no its a tree...

I've always loved the design world. Growing up with an architect father and crafty mother meant there was never a shortage of ways to make things. Exploring how to do this thing or make that thing was one of the best parts of my childhood.

We ripped up architectural magazines to create paper beads for curtains, stuck bright coloured Marimekko fabric panels on walls and sorted volcanic rocks, gathered on family holidays, to landscape the garden. As a 12 year old I remember spending 2 months painstakingly painting a mural on an entire wall in my bedroom.

Now I’m an inner city dweller who delights in buildings, bridges, theatre and art galleries combined with an occasional escape to explore the outback of Australia, or the architecture of the world. With children grown and time at last, a background in theatre and design has evolved into the chaotic creation of jewellery, where my fascination for texture, colour and form is explored and - hopefully - refined.

As a contemporary designer I specialise in creating accessories that are light and easy to wear. Frank Ideas' unique jewellery designs are sculptural, tactile, bold, rebellious and...

...frankly unpredictable