On the workbench today...

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frank ideas chunky yellow and red necklace

Guess what I'm making today...

I haven't decided if I'm going to use grey or black but I know I'm going to use either one of those with the red and yellow chunky resin beads. 
This is a new colour scheme for me - what do you think???

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The Verner Panton Heart Cone Chair

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Verner Panton would be considered one of Verner Panton would be considered one of Denmark's most influential 20th-century furniture and interior designers. His designs used a variety of materials, however his use of plastic and bold colour is what excites me the most.

His iconic Heart Cone Chair, designed in the 1950's is still manufactured under license by Vitra


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We all have different sources we look to for inspiration - for me its often architecture. I follow many architectural photographers on Instagram and a particular favourite is MARINA COLLAZO is based in Spain and captures the colours and textures of some amazing buildings.

This public housing project is by the Architectural firm ARANGUREN & GALLEGOS and is in Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid, Spain, - I love the perforated screens for both the texture and the colour.

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Be Bold!!

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Frank Ideas is about spending less to stand out in a crowd

                                                  ....because you can always spend more to look like everyone else.

You want to make an impact? This red ruffle collar made from the softest leather will certainly help you to do that! 

...just in case you'd like to have a look at it right away - you can find it here.


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Frank Ideas jewellery is:

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frank ideas, contemporary jewellery is:

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