scrunched necklace

A modern, rubber choker style necklace.

Sculptural and fascinating this necklace makes a statement in such an unusual way.

Silky soft strands of knotted rubber are loosely assembled to form a lacy, lightweight  and contemporary short rubber necklace.

A jumbled blend of texture and colour.

This necklace is finished with a simple, strong magnetic clasp.

The length is approximately 51 cm or 20 inches unstretched, but because of the loosely knotted rubber there is a lot of extra length in the design.


what people have said:

"Fun! Who would have "thunk" to use rubber in such a creative way! Very light and feels smooth next to your skin! Great to wear!"

"The necklace is well made and is durable besides being pretty. I think it will be a hit!"

"Wonderful unique necklace, exactly as described. Arrived carefully and creatively packaged right when expected. Definitely recommend this seller!"

"Necklace is crazy and lightweight. I love the magnet clasp "

"i LOVE THIS NECKLACE! Thanks for shipping so quickly."

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